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This past weekend I participated in the Riot Rooster Indie Craft Fair in my current hometown of Roanoke, VA. 

The Faceless Creative Booth at Riot Rooster

The Faceless Creative Booth at Riot Rooster

RIOT Rooster Annual Indie Craft Fair is a two day indie craft fair and cash bazaar featuring a curated A-list of regional and national makers of quality handmade goods. RIOT Rooster is always the weekend before Thanksgiving with a Friday Night-Market and continues all day the next day, on Saturday. 

My Button Pack Display at Riot Rooster

My Button Pack Display at Riot Rooster

Riot Rooster seeks to celebrate makers of handmade goods, accessories, clothing, gadgets, body products, commodities, and experiences. Riot Rooster aims to offer an old world style shopping experience with face to face interaction with the creator of the goods they are purchasing with focus on supporting artists and a local economy. Most importantly, RIOT Rooster has recognized the importance of creating a vibrant, festive atmosphere for meeting, drinking, eating and shopping--a buzzing, happy, lively community is a tolerant, growing and energetic community.

Post cards and posters displayed at Riot Rooster

Post cards and posters displayed at Riot Rooster

I first heard about this craft fair about a year ago and had just missed the boat on registering. I took a chance this year and decided to set up the Faceless Creative Pop Up Shop and I'm absolutely blown away by the response.

I did extremely well, and the feedback I got on my artwork, products, and packing absolutely floored me. I've never been more proud of what I do then last weekend and I can't believe my little button packs, posters, and prints were such a big hit.

I'm really blown away.


This Sunday I had my first opportunity to sell my prints in a booth setting. The Pop Art Market happens every second and fourth Sunday of the month at the Roanoke City Market Building. It started last May and has been growing ever since.

I thought I'd try it out. I've never done a booth or set-up like this so I had no idea what to expect. I only took a few prints with me and I got WIPED OUT. The response was incredible. I met a lot of awesome people, some crazy talented artists, and got some of the best feedback in my design career thus far.

I really did not expect it to go so well, and I'm still smiling ear to ear about the reactions some of my stuff got.

Big thanks to Marica at www.riversandroadsphotography.com for helping me with everything and for taking such rad photos.

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