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When i was young, my Dad and I would watch the crap out of some MADtv. My mom absolutely hated it, but just like wrestling, my Dad always won the argument about whether or not I should I be watching it.

Our absolute favorite part of the show was Spy Vs Spy, which always had us rolling in laughter. I thought the show was so slick and well done and loved seeing how their little tricks and schemes unfolded and backfired every episode.

I've seen plenty of other studios do Spy Vs Spy posters, but I really wanted to do something original with it so I got the idea to design the poster in the style of a playing card.

I actually sketched an idea out for this a long time ago, and tried a couple different versions but just recently finished this to a level I'm a proud off.

It will be available in my shop, and at my booth, very soon!