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After getting some feedback, I've been doing a ton of smaller scale prints lately. Typically most of my posters have been 18 x 24, but I've been working on some 11 x 17 and 10 x 10 prints for my monthly booth at the Pop Up Art Market.

The Bolt is a 10 x 10 print I made to accompany my Iron Giant Poster. 

The Bridge is 10x10 a print based on one of my favorite places in the world, Savannah, GA. which has recently become even more important to me. I got engage there on March 11th to the love of my life!!

Continous Loop is 11x17 print I designed where an old cassette feeds into a turntable playing a record.

The Polaroid is a print I originally designed as birthday card. The card itself was obviously a little more personal, but I thought it turned out well enough to be a print.

Skull Cream is a simple print but probably one of my favorites of these mini prints. It's a 10x10 that I'm sure someone somewhere has thought of before but I thought of the idea one night and had to make it.

Almost There is a print I based off an idea for one of my old bands album covers. I was actually never able to execute the idea for the album cover very well but I recently attempted the idea again in the form of a poster. I really like how this one turned out. Especially the clouds.

Using the same colors as The Polaroid print, I created this 10x10 print called Writer's Block. 

Most of these won't be available in the store but I will have them in my booth at all my upcoming events.

Inspiration comes in waves sometimes, and lately I've been riding a big wave.