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The Thunderbird Inn in Savannah, GA is a big part of a very important story in my life. I've always loved the aesthetic of the motel, the colors, the sign, the overall feel, the fact that they leave you moon pies and RC Cola when you check in, I think it's a rad place.

It's also the place we stayed in Savannah where I recently got engaged. I had to design this print, even if just for myself, because of what it nows means to me and because of how cool this place is.

Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties also has a sweet song about this motel that you should definitely check out.

Maybe you've stayed there and you know how cool this place is, maybe you think this print has the raddest colors you've ever seen on a motel, either way, It'll be available soon!


I've always been obsessed with owls. If you look around my house you'll see all kinds of owl things around. I decided to an ornate owl print and I honestly LOVE how it turned out.

I've never had much drawing ability when it comes to pencil and paper, so this is easily one of the most detailed things I've ever done in Illustrator. It took forever but I am floored with how it came out.

JPEG's and photos don't even do this this thing justice. You just have to see this print in person.

It will be available in the shop soon!